UAE Free Zone Establishment

UAE Free Zone Establishment

At Acker Choquette, we have extensive experience in assisting companies in the legal process of setting establishing their presence in the Free Zones of the United Arab Emirates. Having an excellent understanding of the local laws, economy and culture, enables us to provide expert legal advice throughout every stage of the business setup process in the UAE.

 UAE free zones are specific territories set aside by a government of UAE where laws and regulations are more liberal and favourable to foreign business projects than in the rest of the country. In addition to the exceptional strategic advantages of the country's location and business opportunities, UAE Free Zones provide many other benefits to foreign investors:


  • 100% Foreign Ownership

  • 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits

  • Corporate and Personal Tax Benefits

  • Exemption from Import and Export Duties

  • Flexible labour and Immigration laws

  • High level of confidentiality for financial and business activities.


 There is normally no restriction on the nationality of the companies operating in the zone, no business or corporate income taxes and no customs duties to be paid. No restrictions are imposed on repatriation of the revenues and profits and there are no reinvestment obligations.

 The UAE Free Zones provide an important advantage of permitting foreign investors to operate without the legal obligation of UAE national’s control of corporations, which is enforced outside these zones.

 Setting up a business presence in the United Arab Emirates could be a complicated process if not assisted by the right legal team. At Acker Choquette, our expert UAE lawyers will process your request in a short time with reasonable initial Investment.

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